We deliver door-step to airport massage services in Singapore. This massage service is good and suitable when you’re having flight transit or flight delay? Why don’t relax yourself while waiting for your flight? We have stationary well-trained massage therapists available and ready for any customers interested in getting a relaxing massage before catching their flight.

Affordable Airport Massage

We’ve been in the massage service for decades, and we prioritise authentic and totally healthy chakra tantra massage based on the principle and belief of soul healing and inner peace restoration. Following are some of our massage services

  • Tantra Massage
  • Tantric Massage
  • Yoni Massage
  • Lingam Massage
  • Prostate Massage
  • Couple Tantric Massage
How to make appointment

You can contact us through contact page or click to call icon locates at your right bottom corner. We’ll be happily to arrange a airport massage therapist to reach you at the quickest mean in airport.

Payment terms

Chakra Tantra Massage Singapore accepts only CASH payment in Singapore dollars (SGD) and all foreign currencies. Currency exchange rate will be based on XE currency. A 10% administrative fee applies for payment made with foreign currencies.

General Price List

The following is the general price list of our massage service, there might be slight variation depends upon the type of massage and location.


Standard Hour (10am – 10pm)
60 mins S$ 200
90 mins S$ 300 (recommended)
120 mins S$ 380


After Hours (10pm – 3am)
60 mins S$ 230
90 mins S$ 330 (recommended)
120 mins S$ 400


Out-of-town (10am – 10pm)
60 mins S$ 230
90 mins S$ 330 (recommended)
120 mins S$ 400


Out-of-town (10pm – 3am)
60 mins S$ 250
90 mins S$ 350 (recommended)
120 mins S$ 430


For Couple / 4 Hands (10am – 3am)
60 mins S$***
90 mins S$***
120 mins S$***


Guarantee massage service satisfaction perform by well-trained therapists. We’re emphasise the use of tradition and authentic chakra tantra massage techniques, by restoring inner peace within our body and channelling the positive aura to general self-rejuvetion energy.