Tantra Tantric Massage

Tantra Tantric Massage

Tantra tantric massage is ancient tecnique system that awaken each soul in unique way. It’s a pathway to return to your natural stage of being. Get clear,open your heart and love from a place of freedom that result in a life well lived, find youd pace and let your passion for living guide you  on amazing journey. These tantra/ tantric massage therapy is a life-changing experince, a sublime gift to yourself and your lover.A very personal and profound therapy and a massage as well as no ceremonial beggining. The entire session is held in your own sacred, safe space in wbich you feel relaxed, comfortable and feel to express yourself.A powerful phase duringwhich you are freeing and clearing yourself in negative interference and aligning yourself with the creative massage process. The potential of tantra massage singapore of our therapist is previous specialized in deep tissue massage, swedish massage turned to tantra masseur. Enable targeting your weak condition and giving you a awaken and healing touch. Enchance and indulge yourself of your well-being of our outcall massage Singapore.

How to make an appointment?

Before making an appointment, please be absolutely sure that you intend to keep it. You may not realize it, but when you reserve a time, it will be the only session your tantrica will schedule on that day.

Payment Terms

Chakra Tantra Massage Singapore accepts only CASH payment in Singapore dollars (SGD) and all foreign currencies. Currency exchange rate will be based on XE currency. A 10% administrative fee applies for payment made with foreign currencies

Outcall Service

Chakra tantra massage in singapore provides outcall massage service for your own comfort and adaptable environment where easy for you to relax and sense benefit of a body massage
* hotel, condo and private apartment are welcome*

*Hotel, Condo and Private Apartments are welcome.

To Book or Enquire

Offering the most authentic sensual outcall tantra massage in Singapore. Call us now +65 8425 6095  to enquire or click to book a tantra session.

Standard Hour (10am – 10pm)
60 mins S$ 200
90 mins S$ 300 (recommended)
120 mins S$ 380


After Hours (10pm – 3am)
60 mins S$ 230
90 mins S$ 330 (recommended)
120 mins S$ 400


Out-of-town (10am – 10pm)
60 mins S$ 230
90 mins S$ 330 (recommended)
120 mins S$ 400


Out-of-town (10pm – 3am)
60 mins S$ 250
90 mins S$ 350 (recommended)
120 mins S$ 430


For Couple / 4 Hands (10am – 3am)
60 mins S$***
90 mins S$***
120 mins S$***


***Please call us for enquiry

We apologies if any late cancellation arises within 1 hour before scheduled time, a penalty of $50 will be impose for such event.

Business Hours: 24 Hours (7 days a week)


Please feel free to call us @ +6584256095 for booking or service enquiry. If slots are available, we can send you a therapist within 1-2 hours. (Outcalls only. Hotels, Condos and Private Apartments are welcome.)


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