Yoni Massage

Yoni massage is a new craze promoting slightly more intimate session to build trust and intimacy without your partner and letting go off negativity, lighten up relationship and accpetane of love nergy of your partner, fastering a deep trust and sense of equality. It is also support to gain more meaningful understanding of your owon bodies and explore spiritual practice of love, opening the doorway that reveal a strong and open sexuality empowered sensual women. Embrace life with all its healthy receive physical therapy enhance women innate sensual, emotional and spiritual energies, promote emotional healing by releasing traumatic memories stored bring intot the state of bliss experience. The biggest core of essence of the session is feel sense embodied wisdom of given the pleasure, energetic blockage from the body and eradicate common dysfunction – developed to remarkable tantra approach to massage.

The delicate massage is begin with clients experiencing a full body massage in order relax the muscle then ahead of the event of erogenous zone such as their breasts being touched, may done by therapist should have years experienced on tantra massage therapy, not only anatomy but also encompassing the energetic and spiritual dimensions. The session is important to understand that the person not recommended have unresolved emotional, it is not medical treatment does replace medical adviser. The body work part of Yoni massage could be journey of self discover working sensitivity, awareness and expansion in the body, feeling of mind and soul bringing sense of unity without our womenness if you will.

How to make an appointment?

Before making an appointment, please be absolutely sure that you intend to keep it. You may not realize it, but when you reserve a time, it will be the only session your tantrica will schedule on that day.

Payment Terms

Chakra Tantra Massage Singapore accepts only CASH payment in Singapore dollars (SGD) and all foreign currencies. Currency exchange rate will be based on XE currency. A 10% administrative fee applies for payment made with foreign currencies

Outcall Service

Chakra tantra massage in singapore provides outcall massage service for your own comfort and adaptable environment where easy for you to relax and sense benefit of a body massage
* hotel, condo and private apartment are welcome*

*Hotel, Condo and Private Apartments are welcome.

To Book or Enquire

Offering the most authentic sensual outcall tantra massage in Singapore. Call us +65 8425 6095 to enquire or click to book a tantra session.

Standard Hour (10am – 10pm)
60 mins S$ 200
90 mins S$ 300 (recommended)
120 mins S$ 380


After Hours (10pm – 3am)
60 mins S$ 230
90 mins S$ 330 (recommended)
120 mins S$ 400


Out-of-town (10am – 10pm)
60 mins S$ 230
90 mins S$ 330 (recommended)
120 mins S$ 400


Out-of-town (10pm – 3am)
60 mins S$ 250
90 mins S$ 350 (recommended)
120 mins S$ 430


For Couple / 4 Hands (10am – 3am)
60 mins S$***
90 mins S$***
120 mins S$***


***Please call us for enquiry

We apologies if any late cancellation arises within 1 hour before scheduled time, a penalty of $50 will be impose for such event.

Business Hours: 24 Hours (7 days a week)


Please feel free to call us @ +65 8425 6095 for booking or service enquiry. If slots are available, we can send you a therapist within 1-2 hours. (Outcalls only. Hotels, Condos and Private Apartments are welcome.)


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